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本文摘要:A final scientific review has given a green light for British doctors to carry out mitochondrial replacement, which creates babies with DNA from three people in order to avoid genetic disease.一项最后科学审查为英国医生展开线粒体移位进了绿灯,线粒体移位不会问世享有3个人的DNA的婴儿,


A final scientific review has given a green light for British doctors to carry out mitochondrial replacement, which creates babies with DNA from three people in order to avoid genetic disease.一项最后科学审查为英国医生展开线粒体移位进了绿灯,线粒体移位不会问世享有3个人的DNA的婴儿,目的是防止基因疾病。The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the UK regulator, commissioned the review to assess new research on the safety of mitochondrial therapy that has been published since Parliament legalised the technique last year.英国监管机构人类生育和胚胎学管理局(Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, HFEA)委托了这次审查,以评估英国议会去年将这项技术合法化后公开发表的有关线粒体疗法安全性的新研究。Although some potential hazards were identified, the review panel found that the risks were not great enough to stop the HFEA implementing the legislation. 尽管找到了一些潜在的危害,审查小组指出,这些风险还足以制止HFEA实行法律。

It recommended approval of mitochondrial therapy for cautious use in specific circumstances.审查小组建议,批准后线粒体疗法在特定情况下慎重用于。Andy Greenfield, panel chair, said this approach strikes the right balance between offering access to this exciting new treatment to couples at real risk of having a...child with mitochondrial disease, while doing all we can to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective.审查小组主席安迪.格林菲尔德(Andy Greenfield)回应,这种作法在两者之间超过了准确的均衡:一旁是为那些确实面对风险,有可能生下一个……患上线粒体疾病的孩子的夫妇获取用于这种令人兴奋的新疗法的机会,一旁是尽我们所能保证疗法安全性有效地。

The HFEA will meet on December 15 to consider the report. HFEA将在12月15日召开审查会这份报告。If it accepts the scientific recommendations, as expected, and invites applications to carry out mitochondrial replacement, these might be approved in time for treatment to begin in the spring. 如果该局如预期一般拒绝接受了这些科学建议,并且邀有关方面明确提出展开线粒体移位的申请人,这些申请人有可能获得及时批准后,化疗之后可在明年春天开始。Then, Britain’s first three-parent babies — as they are called in the media but not in the scientific world — could be born in 2018.此后,英国的第一个三亲婴儿——这是媒体的称谓,科学界并不这么说道——或将在2018年出生于。We expect the first applications to come from Newcastle University, where they have huge experience looking after patients with mitochondrial disease, said Frances Flinter, professor of clinical genetics at King’s College London and a member of the review panel.我们预计纽卡斯尔大学(Newcastle University)将沦为首批申请者之一,这所大学在照料线粒体疾病患者方面享有非常丰富经验,审查小组成员、伦敦国王学院(King’s College London)临床遗传学教授弗朗西丝.弗林特(Frances Flinter)回应。

This is obviously great news, said Professor Doug Turnbull, who leads Newcastle’s mitochondrial programme. 这似乎是个好消息,纽卡斯尔大学线粒体项目负责人道格.特恩布尔(Doug Turnbull)教授说道,This gives women who have mitochondrial DNA mutations reproductive choice.这给了那些线粒体DNA再次发生变异的女性生育的自由选择。Living cells depend on mitochondria to provide energy for every biological activity. 活细胞倚赖线粒体为每一种生物活动获取能量。These microscopic power packs have their own DNA, separate from the main genome in the cellular nucleus, and genetic defects can cause a wide range of medical problems from muscle weakness to heart failure and brain disease.这些微观的能量组享有不同于细胞核中主基因组的自身的DNA,线粒体基因缺失有可能造成从肌肉无力、心中风到脑部疾病等多种疾病。


Treatment involves an IVF procedure in which the mother’s faulty mitochondria are replaced with healthy ones from an egg donor. 线粒体化疗包括体外受精过程,用卵子捐献者的身体健康线粒体更换母亲有缺陷的线粒体。These donated mitochondrial genes represent only a tiny fraction of the maternal contribution to the resulting baby’s DNA but they mean that its genetic inheritance comes from two women and one man.在婴儿的DNA中,捐赠的线粒体的基因在母方基因中的比例十分微小,但这意味著婴儿的基因承传将来自两名女性和一名男性。

Among the new scientific evidence considered by the HFEA review was a puzzling paper published on Wednesday in the journal Nature, which suggested that transplantation might occasionally fail to eliminate faulty mitochondria. 审查考虑到的新科学证据还包括本周三《大自然》(Nature)杂志在线公开发表的一份令人困惑的论文,该文指出,重制有时有可能无法几乎除去缺失线粒体。But the panel concluded that this was unlikely to pose a serious threat in practice.但审查小组的结论是,在实践中这不太可能包含严重威胁。


The review also found that an alternative approach — screening IVF embryos for mitochondrial abnormalities before implantation — was not a sufficiently reliable way to prevent mitochondrial disease.审查还找到,替代办法——在将体外受精胚胎植入母体前筛查线粒体出现异常——作为防治线粒体疾病的方法过于可信。At least one three-parent baby already exists. 世界上最少早已不存在一名三亲婴儿。

A healthy boy was born earlier this year following mitochondrial treatment in Mexico where there is no legislation covering the technique. 今年早些时候,一个团队在没关于这项技术的法律的墨西哥用于线粒体疗法让一个身体健康的男婴出生于。This famous Mexican baby seems OK but we don’t have enough details really to comment, said Robin Lovell-Badge of the Crick Institute in London, another member of the HFEA panel.这个知名的墨西哥婴儿或许状态较好,但我们显然没掌控充足的细节公开发表评论,审查小组成员、伦敦弗朗西斯.克里克研究所(Francis Crick Institute)的罗宾.洛弗尔-巴杰(Robin Lovell-Badge)说道。



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