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本文摘要:KIDDICARE wants to be as disruptive as the little monsters who use its products. Traditional sellers of baby gear, laden with too many stores and creaky technology, have all the perkiness of sleep-deprived parents. Internet-based Kiddicare


KIDDICARE wants to be as disruptive as the little monsters who use its products. Traditional sellers of baby gear, laden with too many stores and creaky technology, have all the perkiness of sleep-deprived parents. Internet-based Kiddicare should run rings around them. So it seemed odd last year when the British merchant took over ten “superstores” from Best Buy, itself an erstwhile disrupter (in electronics). Far from weighing Kiddicare down like overstuffed nappy bags, the shops will give customers “a true multichannel experience”, the retailer vowed.Kiddicare (网络儿童用品销售商)想和用于其产品的小怪物们一样调皮。传统儿童用品销售商,由于店铺过多技术落后,让本已睡眠不足的父母们更为无精打采。互为较之下,网络销售商Kiddicare优势明显。然而奇怪的是,这个英国网络零售商去年从百思买接掌十家“超级商铺”(大型实体商铺),凑巧的是百思买在电子也曾极具颠覆性。

Kiddicare相信这项行径不仅会让自己像塞满东西的斩袋子一样不堪重负,还不会为消费者获取 “确实的多渠道购物体验”。“Multichannel” (or even better, “omnichannel”) is something almost every self-respecting retailer wants to be. It means letting customers shop with smartphones, tablets, laptops and even in stores as if waited upon by a single salesman with an unfailing memory and uncanny intuition about their preferences. Pure-play internet vendors are good at this. But most resist the idea that actual stores, with their rents, payrolls and security cameras, ought to be one of those channels. The thought of having the same costs as bricks-and-mortar competitors “scares the living daylights out of me,” says Charles Hunt, owner of Duvet and Pillow Warehouse, a fast-growing online retailer.“多渠道”(或者更加高级的“无处不在的渠道”)是完全每个有执着的零售商梦想享有的。


但大多数网络销售商无法拒绝接受开办实体店铺,因为必须缴纳租金,员工工资,以及电子监控设备费用。查尔斯.亨特,一家较慢茁壮的网络零售店Duvet and Pillow Warehouse的老板,说,想起和实体竞争者们一样的花销,“我就吓得六神无主”。

Yet Kiddicare, owned by Morrisons, a British grocer, is not the only retailer to shed its online purity. Screwfix, a British supplier to plumbers and electricians, has opened 270 shops since 2005. Bonobos, which sells men’s clothing online, has opened several “Guideshops” in America. Zalando, a German online fashion store, opened a physical outlet in Berlin last year. Even Amazon has installed lockers in shopping malls where customers can pick up deliveries: a first step, perhaps, towards bricks-and-mortardom. All this suggests that online and traditional retailers are “migrating to a middle ground”, believes Matt Truman of True Capital, a fund that invests in consumer companies.然而,英国零售商莫里森斯旗下的Kiddicare并非唯一开办实体店铺的网络销售商。Screwfix, 一家英国电工水管工器材供应商,从05年起已开办了270家实体店铺。Bonobos, 一家网络男装销售公司,已在美国开办了几家“导购店”。Zalando, 一家德国网络时装店,去年在柏林开办了一个实体店。

甚至连亚马逊也购物中心开办店面,可供消费者选配商品,这或许是迈进实体店铺的第一步。来自True Capital零售公司投资基金的马特.楚曼坚信,所有这些都伴随着网络和传统零售商将“互相融合”。Don’t try this on at home别在家里试穿For wares that do not have to be displayed in a showroom, online retailers are hard to beat. They killed Borders, an American bookstore chain, and Britain’s Comet, an electronics retailer. But it is easier to judge a shoe’s fit or an apple’s crispness in a real store. Shoppers who crave instant gratification will not get that online. Tradesmen are last-minute shoppers, which is why Screwfix, part of the Kingfisher DIY group, has so many shops. Car seats must be fitted and parents like to handle baby equipment before they buy it; hence Kiddicare’s expansion beyond a single flagship store.对于需要在实体店铺展出的商品,网络销售商稳操胜券。他们击败了美国连锁书店Borders, 和英国电子零售商Comet。

然而,想确认鞋否合脚,苹果否质地,还是在实体店更加便利。网络购物无法让消费者获得即时符合。电工水管工对器材总是随用随卖,这也是Screwfix (翠丰集团DIY项目的一部分)开办那么多实体店的原因。

车座椅要大小适合,父母们讨厌卖之前再行操作者婴儿器材,这也是kiddicare除了一家分店还要开办许多实体分店的原因。Pure online retailers do not pay rent but their variable costs eat up much of that advantage, says Sophie Albizua of eNova Partnership, a consultancy. Without storefronts to lure in customers they shell out to buy ads linked to Google search results. Delivery, especially of bulky goods, is a headache. Couriers show up at empty houses, and fees often fail to cover the full cost. Shoppers return a quarter or more of clothing they buy, another big expense.纯粹的网络零售商需要缴租金,但各种额外费用抵销了大部分优势, eNova Patenership咨询公司的索菲.奥比祖阿如是说。他们没实体店面来更有顾客,被迫花上重金出售谷歌搜寻结果界面的广告。


All this looks easier if you have real shops. With “click and collect” customers can order with, say, a smartphone but pick up the item at a convenient outlet. Often, they linger to shop more. Britons pick up something extra about 40% of the time, says Ms Albizua.如果享有实体店,所有问题都会显得非常简单些。顾客可以用于智能手机在线选订商品,但提货是在便利抵达的实体店。

一般来说他们不会停留并出售更加多东西。奥比祖阿称之为英国人十次中大约有四次都会选配额外商品。Happily hybrid John Lewis, an upmarket department-store chain, says that on- and offline shopping spur each other on. When a new shop opens, online sales in the vicinity can jump by 20-40% “overnight”, says Noel Saunders, the manager of the branch near London’s Olympic Stadium. New products can be tested online and stocked in store if they do well. Nearly a third of customers who order online pick up their wares in stores. Britons are among the world’s most avid online shoppers, but 65% still prefer buying in-store, according to a survey by Hitachi Consulting.顺利混合网络和实体经营的高档连锁店Lewis称之为,线上和线下销售是相互促进的。


The question for envious e-tailers is how to pluck the benefits of physical stores without incurring the costs. Most proceed gingerly, armed with high-tech weaponry. “Pop-up shops” generate buzz and then vanish. EBay has tried them, and Winser London, a fashion website, plans to. Amazon’s ghostly high-street presence helps make delivery cheaper and more convenient, but so far it offers nothing more. Kiddicare plans 15 stores at most in Britain, a fraction of the number operated by its struggling competitor, Mothercare. They will be nimbler than traditional stores. Prices will appear on electronic labels and change with the push of a button.妒忌的网络零售商面对的问题是如何榨取实体店的利益而减免花销。多数都小心展开,后用高科技武装自己。

“弹出式商店”曾引起反响,但只是昙花一现。EBay曾尝试用于弹出式商店,时尚网站Winser London计划用于。亚马逊怪异不存在的实体店使载运更加低廉便利,但也仅此而已。

Kiddicare计划最少在英国进15家实体店,这与其有力竞争者Mothercare的店面数量还差距太远。网络零售商开办的实体店比传统店铺更加灵活性。他们的价格表明在电子标签上,并不会随着感受到按钮而变化。Bricks-and-mortar merchants are likewise paring space and bulking up on technology. In Britain the number of outlets a retail chain needs to have national coverage has dropped from 200 in the pre-online era to 50-80, says Adrian D’Enrico of AXA Real Estate, an investment manager. House of Fraser is experimenting with shops that are little more than a changing room and rows of screens to order clothes. Hointer, a Seattle start-up, provides just enough space to display a sample of each type of jeans it sells; robots fetch the right size from the stockroom. On today’s high street, shopkeepers who stand still are unlikely to survive.实体店商也在谋求市场并依赖科技发展壮大。

AXA地产公司的投资经理Adrian D’Enrico称之为, 网络销售经常出现之前,连锁零售商要覆盖全国市场必须开办200家分店,而现在只必须进50到80家。House of Fraser (英国知名精品连锁百货)尝试的不过是一个更衣室和几排选配衣服的屏幕。




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